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The Myths of Teeth Whitening That You Should Stop Believing

Over the years, the practical ways of whitening teeth have been massively developed and result in many more demands on such treatment, starting from the simplest and natural therapy to those involving the use of sophisticated dentistry equipment with, of course, unbelievably high price. With all those oral health and whitening advertisements on television, radio, and even on the Internet, no wonder the people are going crazy about it.

However, there have been quite endless debates about the safety of such a treatment. Some say that it is fundamentally dangerous to do, while some others say that it has no danger, even with the claimed side effects. Along with these debates, some myths about teeth whitening starts to pop up, and it has brought even hotter discussions. So these are the myths related to the whitening that you should stop believing.

sugary pink lips and white teeth

It Can Destroy Your Enamel

This is the first and most basic myth that the people should stop believing. Many studies have been conducted, and the results are more or less the same; the whitening does not cause any damage to any part of your mouth, whether it is the enamels or the roots. Thus, this basic myth is at the top of the list of myths you should stop believing.

The Natural Treatments Are Much Safer

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a natural treatment. That rubbing-banana-peel kind of care does not and will not give the desired effect no matter how hard one may try. This fact is also being supported by many dentists and professionals who would suggest getting teeth whitening kits, instead of having those natural treatments.

dark skinned woman with white teeth and red lipsYou Need Only One Treatment in Your Whole Life

Another sad truth about it is when you believe that you need only one treatment and it will stay shining forever. With all the not-so-healthy lifestyles that could affect the overall health of your body, it also does the same to the teeth. Drinking coffee, tea, and red wine are among those habits that can cause your teeth to turn yellow. How do you overcome this then? Many dentists will recommend repeating the treatments once in several months.

Unnatural Smile

Many professionals would say ‘not really!’ to this statement as most of the people believe that having any treatment is only a matter of preference. When one has the treatment, what the other people will perceive is completely beyond control. However, many people also testify that having one’s teeth whitened makes their smiles look brighter and of course, sweeter.

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