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Practical Ways to Minimize Sports Injury Risks

Sports injuries commonly happen to new starters. But to the experienced ones, they seem to do the sport effortlessly. Have you ever wondered why? And if you think that you will gain their flexibility and dexterity over time without scientifically learning about the techniques, you are doomed to fail.

Taking the Pre-Workouts

a healthy sandwichBefore you hit the gym, go swimming, or ride a bicycle, your body must have enough fuel to burn. Unless you intend to lose weight, consuming pre-workout meals is not advisable. If you force yourself, and you already have a lean body, your body will take the energy by eating up the muscles. People who love to do intense cardio exercises are also prone to such condition. And that is why you never see a bulked runner or cyclist.

Pre-workouts may come in many forms, bars, cereals, porridge, and shakes. The most popular among those is the shakes. You only need the powder and water, and you are ready for training. Bars are also practical, but they have a low satiety index. You will still feel hungry if you take only pre-workout bars.

However, some people might show uneasy symptoms for taking pre-workout products. You have to make sure that you read the pre workout guide for everyone to know which substances are safe for allergy sensitive people, and which ones are not. If you cannot stand the processed products, you can make pre-workout meals with organic ingredients by yourself. Learn from the video below.

Warming Up

a woman in a sport outfit

Another common health risk resulting from an intense exercise is a muscle strain. And if you think a muscle strain can’t be dangerous, imagine if it happens on the chest and stomach. Technically, pulled muscles are not fatal, but they are extremely painful. The condition can be lethal if it occurs during a water sport or in an isolated place.

To overcome muscle strains, warming up is necessary. It should be a combination of stretching and light cardiovascular sets. Imagine your muscles as a rubber band. If you pull it rapidly with force, it will tear.

But if you do that slowly, the rubber will withstand the pulling force. This analogy explains how you can get a muscle strain. Besides, the joints in our body are also vulnerable to injuries. Strong pushing or pulling efforts can be harmful.

In addition to muscle stretching, the light cardio workouts are in the warming up menu too. It will elevate our heart rate and will raise our body temperature gradually. Do you remember Bob Harper, the famous CrossFitter athlete? He suffered from a heart attack during a gym session. Extortion may lead to a cardiac arrest, especially for people who genetically bear high risks of heart disease. And in Harper’s case, he told media that his mother suffered from the same condition.

Working Out in a Steady Rhythm

scheduling workoutThe fundamental principle of working out is that the less you do it, the more likely for you to get an injury. Your body adjusts itself to your activity. You cannot expect to gain health benefits by exercising intensely three times in a month. That behavior will only damage your body.

At least, you exercise 3 or 4 times a week. Do not increase your intensity if your body is not prepared for it. This suggestion is not to discourage you from achieving advanced fitness goals. In fact, workout intensity should be increased over time. But what you need to know is that you must listen to your body’s limits. Do not forget to take a rest if you are exhausted.

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The health benefits of sailing

Are you fond of outdoor sports and activities? Or perhaps, you are getting bored of the usual games that you play with your friends, and now, you want to try something different; something that is more challenging but still full of fun. If so, then why not try sailing out on the ocean?

A lot of people love sailing whether it be a form of sports or just a form of relaxation. They find this exciting and challenging at the same time. Just imagine yourself out there enjoying the majestic view of the blue ocean and its waves. That will surely be an amazing experience. But before you can enjoy any of this, you should invest in a boat that comes with the best sail. Make sure that you know the different types of sails, so you will be able to get one that best suits your sailing needs.

What are the health benefits of sailing?

Like what was mentioned earlier, sailing could be a form of sport that you can engage yourself into. You might be wondering, what can sailing do for me? Is it safe and healthy? Well, there is a lot of health benefits that comes with this activity. Here are just some of them;

Improves muscle strength

hjdhd784When you are sailing, there are various things that you need to do such as pulling the sail so you can direct it to whichever way you want it to go. This is one of the biggest challenges of this sport; you have to be strong enough. Otherwise, it will be very hard for you to maneuver.

Once you are used to sailing, you will notice that your muscles are stronger than ever. This is because they are working all the time. Your endurance will be improved as well.

Puts you in a good mood

Again, sailing will allow you to relax and unwind. At the end of the day, you will find yourself in a better mood. With all the challenges that you have surpassed out there, not to mention the beautiful scenery in the ocean, you will be very proud of yourself. This boosts your self-confidence including your mental wellness.

Enhances your ability to focus

jhdjhd874When you are in the middle of the ocean with your sailboat, focus and concentration are very important. You need to have a presence of mind. You should know what to do especially when mishaps come your way.

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