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Different Types of Scooters

Scooters are types of motorcycles with step-through frame and a platform for the riders field. There are many types of scooters. People have challenges in selecting scooters because of their differences. The scooter industry has various kinds of specific characteristics for specific users. These forms are discussed as follows.

Gas scooter

green scooterGas scooters are the most common scooter on the market. They are most common in Italy and Japan but have spread to the united states. These scooters have a potent engine that has a range of between 50cc and 250cc. Gas scooters come in various types, and you can find some who have a classic look that has a step-through frame, some that have a sportier look that takes the look of the Japanese motor-bike and some which with a large size that allows additional passengers and highway driving.

Electric Scooter

This design of scooter operates with a stronger battery motor. The disadvantage of the electric scooter is they are slower comparing to gas scooters, and they are limited to a shorter distance.

Mobility scooters

They are designed to help the disabled and the older adults who are not able to support their movement for a long is most effective at homes, outside uses and in the stores. These scooters provide the slowest movement than gas and electric scooters. They are only designed for a shorter distance movement in the house or within a store. The cost depends on the additional features and options.

Motorized Scooters

These types of scooters are common to the teenage crowd. They offer some different varieties, but they all have a smaller engine of 50cc or less. They are smaller than the electric motor. The most common types of these kinds of scooters are the mopeds, Segways, seated scooter, and the standup electric. The maximum speed limit for these scooters ranges from 8 to 20mph and can travel a distance ranging between 5 to 20 miles before a fill-up or recharge.

Kick scooters

Kick scootersThese types of scooters are the starting point for most people with scooter buying. They are mostly for kids or beginners. Kick scooters function off a push and glide motion and do not have a motor or engine. The kick scooters are cheap because of their underlying design and no engine.

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